Customer Data Access Programs

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Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC)

The Energy Data Access Committee helps set direction for release of usage data under D.14-05-016. Learn more >>.

Current and Prior Data Requests

Request ID Complete Request Received Requestor Name Requestor Type Request Description Comment Status* Date Closed
rn4108830455 City of San Jose Local Government

Usage data by ZIP+4 for all SJ ZIP codes

Requestor was referred to PG&E's Green Communities program. Canceled 06/29/2015
rn2722179321 Energy Institute at Haas Academic Researcher

Usage and usage related data, including outage data, for PG&E's service territory.

Data downloaded on 9/28. Completed 09/25/2021
rn2790968528 San Mateo County Energy Watch Local Government

Usage data by ZIP+2 and ZIP+4, peak KW, project costs, incentives, copay for all projects SMCEW has completed

Requestor was referred to PG&E's Green Communities program. Canceled 06/24/2015
rn1835788791 City of Benicia Local Government

Customer usage by ZIP

Requestor was referred to PG&E's Green Communities program. Canceled 03/27/2015
rn1070622005 Ca Dep. of Community Services & Dev. Community Services & Development

average residential usage data in kWh and dollars (bill) by month, electricity and gas, and by county, and total number of customers by county for electricity and gas.

Data sent via encrypted email on 2/16/2023 Completed 02/07/2023
rn5544655416 City of San Mateo Local Government

Aggregate energy savings data for the commercial sector for 2015-2019.

Data sent via encrypted email on 7/2/2020. Completed 05/07/2020
rn2004384350 City of Vacaville Local Government

Aggregated 2019 usage data by sector.

Request withdrawn by City of Vacaville on 3/3/2021 Canceled 04/07/2021
rn1587717518 California Air Resources Board State or Federal Agency

Aggregate electric and gas usage by Census Block Group for County of Fresno.

Notification letter on 8/1; data due 8/29-9/11 Completed 08/29/2023
rn2420806842 County of Humboldt Planning & Building Local Government


The requestor has asked that the data request be withdrawn. Canceled 03/15/2024
rn1692913545 County of San Mateo, OOS Local Government

Usage data for a specific public library.

Not eligible for EDRP but data is available via alternate programs. Communicated these on 12/22/2022. Canceled 12/22/2022