Customer Data Access Programs

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Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC)

The Energy Data Access Committee helps set direction for release of usage data under D.14-05-016. Learn more >>.

Current and Prior Data Requests

Request ID Complete Request Received Requestor Name Requestor Type Request Description Comment Status* Date Closed
rn2301115809 LBNL Academic Researcher

LBNL request for usage data for PACE participants

LBNL withdrew request. Will be submitted by an eligible academic researcher and sponsoring staff professor Canceled 08/21/2017
rn1883517888 UCD Center for Water-Energy Efficiency Academic Researcher

Premise ID (anonymized), Service Agreement ID (anonymized), location information, electric rate schedule and consumption, and Energy Efficiency Program Data

CPUC notification letter sent on 5/17/2018. Data due NET 6/14 and NLT 6/28. Completed 07/18/2018
rn3291649829 County of Marin Local Government

Yearly gas and electric usage for all the cities in Marin County, split into residential and non-residential sectors.

Data sent via encrypted email on 11/30/2021 Completed 10/27/2021
rn3476045767 University of California, Davis CWEE Academic Researcher

Interval and identifying information for all customers on agricultural rate schedules in zip codes specified by UCD. Also matching PG&E pump test data where available.

Data downloaded on 5/22/2020. Completed 08/18/2020
rn2526685182 Town of Los Altos Hills Local Government

Duplicate request. Requested data previously fulfilled.

DUPLICATE: Requested data duplicates a dataset already provided on 3/3/2016 (rn3604140591). Requester advised to submit a new request form if asking for new dataset Canceled 01/17/2017
rn9909387956 Butte County Local Government

Aggregated usage and emissions information, by customer sector, by year.

Resolved with PG&E Green Communities reports; not proceeding with request. Canceled 09/26/2018
rn1294196756 Sylvia LLC Community Services & Development


Requestor is not eligible under D.14-05-016 guidelines. Canceled 03/29/2021
rn3244381982 County of San Luis Obispo Local Government

Aggregated data on energy efficiency program and solar implementations for a County specified set of seven-digit zip codes.

Data delivered by secure email on 8/6 and 8/7 2018. Completed 06/19/2018
rn1443634086 Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laborator Academic Researcher

Raisin City census area usage and EE program data

Consolidated with rn3697325484 Canceled 04/20/2021
rn3089720420 City of West Sacramento Local Government


West Sacramento is using their Community Inventory instead of an EDRP report. Canceled 05/06/2020