Customer Data Access Programs

For more information on PG&E’s customer data access programs, see

Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC)

The Energy Data Access Committee helps set direction for release of usage data under D.14-05-016. Learn more >>.

Current and Prior Data Requests

Request ID Complete Request Received Requestor Name Requestor Type Request Description Comment Status* Date Closed
rn2987026737 12/08/2023 UC Berkeley Academic Researcher

Aggregate yearly usage and number of customers, by sector, by commodity for PG&E's service territory, split by city/county. Data will be checked against publicly releasable standards and redacted if it does not pass.

Data sent on 6/6/2024 via encrypted email Approved - In Progress
rn1814572096 03/01/2023 University of Wisconsin-Madison Econ Dpt Academic Researcher

Anonymized residential usage data, billed and interval, for a random sample across PG&E's service territory, 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2021.

Data available on 8/15. Completed 10/03/2023
rn2749669232 06/17/2021 Energy Institute at Haas Academic Researcher

Usage and usage related data, and EE measure data for residential customers in a set of geographic areas provided by UCB

Data available for UCB as of 10/5 via ESFT. Completed 10/05/2021
rn3999163430 04/27/2021 POSTECH Academic Researcher


POSTECH is not eligible to request under the EDRP program; they are not accredited in the US. Canceled 04/27/2021
rn2506769865 03/25/2021 Energy Institute at Haas Academic Researcher

slightly modified repeat of 2018’s rn1535558943, “Valuing Lost Load: Consumer Responses to Variations in Electricity Reliability”

Data posted for download on 6/23 Completed 06/23/2021
rn3253994357 03/23/2021 University of Michigan Academic Researcher

Usage and interval data for a sample of residential customers on TOU rates and/or the SmartRate program across PG&E's service territory.

Data released on 10/6 for upload/download cycle. Completed 10/25/2021
rn1711985269 09/18/2020 City of San Jose Local Government

Aggregated gas and electric usage by month for the city.

Long delay getting the the Terms of Service (TOS) signed, but TOS complete and data sent (via secure email) on 2/22/2021. Completed 11/27/2020
rn2903365842 07/05/2019 City of Benicia Local Government

Gas usage by sector by month for 2015-16

Data sent via encrypted email on 8/8. Completed 08/08/2019
rn2861407492 09/04/2018 City of San Leandro Local Government

Annual electricity and natural gas use within the City of San Leandro for the calendar year 2017, separated by residential and non-residential uses.

Request withdrawn by the municipality. Canceled 09/28/2018
rn1616501173 09/04/2018 City of San Pablo Local Government

Annual electricity and natural gas use within the City of San Pablo for the calendar year 2017, separated by residential and nonresidential use

Data sent by encrypted email on 11/19. Completed 10/17/2018