Customer Data Access Programs

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Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC)

The Energy Data Access Committee helps set direction for release of usage data under D.14-05-016. Learn more >>.

Current and Prior Data Requests

Request ID Complete Request Received Requestor Name Requestor Type Request Description Comment Status* Date Closed
rn2605742428 City of Ceres Local Government

2014 - 2016 annual gas consumption data to be used for a greenhouse gas baseline inventory as part of the General Plan Update process.

Requester was referred to PG&E's Green Communities for data already published for their GHG inventory reporting needs. Canceled 06/15/2017
rn3295332624 County of San Mateo Local Government

Aggregated residential and non-residential usage by city / unincorporated county.

Data sent via secure email on 7/30/2021. Completed 06/25/2021
rn3005655909 City of Fremont Local Government

Annual electricity and natural gas use for the calendar years 2016 and 2018, separated by residential and nonresidential uses

Data sent via encrypted email on 2/25 Completed 02/25/2019
rn3238390862 Department of Community Services and Dev Community Services & Development

Average Cost and Average usage for Electricity and Natural Gas for all residential PG&E customers by month, separated by county.

Data sent via encrypted email on 3/26/2019. Completed 03/26/2019
rn2663375940 City of Fairfield Local Government


The city is seeking data that is not allowable under EDRP, but which they can get from their Local Community Relationship Manager (LCRM). Referred them to their LCRM. Canceled 09/30/2021
rn2702960929 City of Santa Cruz Local Government

Monthly aggregate usage for 2005-2019

Data revised and sent on 6/21 Completed 05/05/2021
rn3514183282 University of Southern California Academic Researcher

Aggregated gas usage data for PG&E service territory.

No communication from them for months; considered withdrawn as of 9/15/2022 Canceled 09/15/2022
rn1522571019 Yale University Academic Researcher

Usage, billing, program participation, and location data for customers in a series of cities determined by Yale.

Data downloaded on 11/9. Completed 09/28/2018
rn1947796513 University of California, Los Angeles Academic Researcher


Request does not fit the requirements of the EDRP program. Denied 04/05/2019
rn7917189296 Iowa State University ECPE Academic Researcher


Could not arrive at a useful data description that meets EDRP guidelines and communication stopped. Canceled 02/23/2022