Customer Data Access Programs

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Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC)

The Energy Data Access Committee helps set direction for release of usage data under D.14-05-016. Learn more >>.

Current and Prior Data Requests

Request ID Complete Request Received Requestor Name Requestor Type Request Description Comment Status* Date Closed
rn3060222402 City of Fremont Local Government

Community-scale electricity and gas consumption data in Fremont, broken down by sector and rate plan, by year for the years 2020 and 2021

Data sent via encrypted email on 12/19/2022 Completed 12/19/2022
rn7209429924 United States Geological Survey State or Federal Agency

All agricultural specific rate schedules in the Pajaro Valley (zip code 95076) including AG-1B, AG-RB and AG-RE, AG-VB and AG-VE, AG-4B and AG-4E, AG-4C and AG-4F, AG-5B and AG-5E, and AG-5C and AG-5F.

Requested data did not fall under aggregation rules. Denied 03/15/2016
rn1236401353 Duke University Academic Researcher


Duplicate of rn2951341580 Completed 04/05/2019
rn1915974747 Town of Los Altos Hills (via HEA) Local Government

Request withdrawn and resubmitted due to substantive changes in request

Withdrawn; third party consultant was ineligible to request data; request was resubmitted (rn3604140591) Canceled 12/24/2015
rn9657088736 Purdue University Academic Researcher

Anonymized monthly usage and EE program participation data plus location data for all NEM and a sample of non-NEM customers in a list of zip codes provided by Purdue.

Data downloaded on 5/19 Completed 05/14/2020
rn2898639911 County of Marin Local Government

Yearly consumption data for gas and electric, split by city (or unincorporated county) and by sector.

Data sent via encrypted email on 2/21/2024 Completed 01/23/2024
rn1646873557 City of Tracy Local Government

Total usage, by month, for gas and electric, split into Res, Com, Ind, Ag sectors.

Data sent on 6/19 via encrypted email. Completed 05/09/2019
rn2499593312 City of Richmond Local Government

Non-residential usage for 2014-18, by year.

Cancelled for no communication / reply from requestor. Canceled 03/04/2020
rn7182691647 UC Berkeley Ag & Resource Economics Dept Academic Researcher

Usage and usage related data for Power Saver Rewards Program (PSRP) participants and a non-participant control group.

Notification letter sent on 7/5; data due 8/2-16 subject to completion of cybersecurity review. Approved - In Progress
rn3158791336 City of South San Francisco Local Government


The city is seeking information that is not covered by the EDRP program, i.e., address level data for city owned facilities. Have emailed the city suggesting alternative data paths. Canceled 09/23/2021